Generate leads via LinkedIn?

Nowadays, almost nothing works without social media, since these networks can be especially helpful when you want to address a large mass of people. If you are looking for high quality leads, the LinkedIn platform is strongly recommended. LinkedIn is the network for professional purposes, nowhere else are so many professionals represented. So LinkedIn is quite simply THE network for lead generation, in other words, the transformation of a contact into a valuable customer. This happens with very little dispersion, thanks to the high data quality on LinkedIn.

Winning Qualified Customers

Lead generation works best when you can define the relevant customer group precisely. In this way, targeting can be directed to the appropriate audience, which, for example, is currently in the buying process or where the intention to buy is the greatest.  We specialize in identifying and precisely defining the most lucrative customer segment in order to efficiently and quickly reach important leads. 


Visibility is about making people, who do not know your company, aware of it. To achieve this, activity and being up-to-date is essential, and it is also important to share helpful and useful content. It is more important to share regularly relevant content than viral content. When it comes to content, it is especially important to use topic-relevant and target group-specific keywords. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing has been part of B2B marketing for quite some time. After all, for high-quality and relevant data, many users are willing to disclose their data. To achieve this, the goal of every company’s content strategy must be lead generation. The content strategy is always based on 3 pillars:

  • Relevant content that meets the users’ intention
  • The right content format at the right touchpoint
  • Content Seeding, i.e. the distribution of your content to your target group

Relevant Content is King

Companies no longer flood the target group with praise for their own products and services or penetrating advertisements, but focus on the problem of the targeted group and its solution. This is the first step to relevant content. The user must be in focus and he must get a clear added value from the respective LinkedIn content. In this way he builds trust in the company and will convert through the value of use on the site. A lead is born.